MW 4200A Professional Truck

MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck
MW 4200A Professional Truck


Semi-automatic washing facility with one brush for quick and efficient wash. This is an easy-to-operate, washing facility of 4230 mm for washing trucks, tugs and other commercial vehicles.

Easy operation ensures maximum efficiency in vehicle washing. This semi-automatic washing facility is an ideal solution for fast and thorough cleaning of the side, front and rear parts of the vehicle.

The aluminum frame guarantees excellent protection against corrosion. Light aluminum construction decreases total weight of the machine and makes handling easier. All parts are carefully selected to ensure long lasting and safe operation of the machine. The spray protection of the rotating brush is made of XT acrylic extruded plate 2mm thickness.

All parts are laboratory tested and guarantee the highest level of safety for the operator and the environment, the installation management system will, besides the safety, enable easy operation.

The machine is powered by a gear motor.

An incline of up to 10%, which is simply adjusted by a button on the side of the washing plant, within the double command system is available on both sides, thus it will allow the brush to reach the vehicle to the optimum extent and maximize the efficiency of washing. The limit of soft rubber wheels makes it easy for the operator to maintain the optimal distance between the machine and the vehicle for efficient brush work.

The brush made of profiled polyethylene fibers, 0.9 mm thickness, during the washing process creates a volume of 1000 mm, and thus guarantees the best efficiency.

Shampooing equipment is standard in all machines and will additionally improve efficiency in the speed of removing impurities on the vehicle. The dosing system allows adjustment of the amount of shampoo to the solution.

The Mobiwash Concept for professional application enables modifications to the construction of the washing facility and can be adapted for efficient washing also of tanks or working vehicles.

Technical information

Washing height4230 mm
Number of phase currents3
Voltage current400V
Voltage of the command set24V
IP Protection ClassIP 56
Network water supply3/4
Water pressure6 bar
Water temperaturemin 4 °C max 40 °C


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